Migration Tool gets Prepar3D v2 support

Migration ToolA new build of Migration Tool is now available, and its change list is as follows:

  • Prepar3D v2 support added to Migration Tool.
  • Brand new registry key handling (required for Prepar3D v2).

The aim of Migration Tool has always been the ease of use. This new builds adds a simple simulator selection dialog that allows switching between redirecting FSX installers to Prepar3D v1 and to Prepar3D v2.

Having to deal with up to three simulators at the same time adds another layer of complexity, and if you experience any abnormal behaviour by Migration Tool, please report it to support forum.

In addition to updating Migration Tool, our free SimAccess utility has also been made compatible with Prepar3D v2. If you regularly hand-edit FSX and Prepar3D, then SimAccess will help you get rid of annoying User Account Control prompts.

For download links, see Migration Tool and SimAccess pages.

Windows 8.1 support for Migration Tool

Migration ToolVersion 1.9.1 of Migration Tool is now available, and will be pushed through automatic updater within a few days.

What does it bring compared to the last major version?

  • Most notably, Migration Tool can now be used on Windows 8.1. In addition, it should be more stable on 64 bit versions of Windows 8.
  • Migration Tool was considerably altered to reduce false positives from anti-virus software. At the moment of writing this, the main program tests 100% clean with 48 anti-virus software. Its activation plugin is falsely marked positive by 5 anti-virus software, of them are worth mentioning F-Secure and BitDefender. Be sure to designate Migration Tool as trusted software if there are any technical difficulties using it.
  • Migration Tool’s user interface was redesigned to support DPI scaling. This means that Migration Tool remains usable with oversized text size, which is common with high-resolution monitors.
  • Legacy Mode does not trigger fallback to Basic Scheme on Windows 7 anymore.
  • Options dialog has been added. It allows to configure automatic backups and provides shortcuts to two free extras, SimAccess and Scheme Fix.
  • Migration Tool has new and better updater.
  • Manual was redesigned and Quick Start Guide added.
  • Migration Tool now stores its own, Windows’, FSX’s and Prepar3D’s version information on a remote server along with activation data – this is to provide faster support.
  • New activation wizard. It is now significantly easier to activate and re-activate Migration Tool. Simply enter the Activation Code from your receipt and that’s it – no passwords anymore.

As always, the latest version of Migration Tool is available from its product page.