Migration Tool + FSInn & Captain Sim

The previous update to Migration Tool was a quick fix to remove the obstacles from using it with Prepar3D v2. This update focuses on adding new features:

  • FSInn is now fully supported, meaning that once you’ve installed FSInn and FSCopilot, click on Enable virtual FSX in Migration Tool and you will be able to use FSInn without any hacks with Prepar3D.
  • Captain Sim aircraft corrupt Prepar3D flight files, which may render the simulator unusable to the point that it suggests reinstallation. Migration Tool now automatically prevents and fixes these problems.
  • Captain Sim Boeing 777 is known to crash Prepar3D. From now on, Migration Tool automatically makes necessary alterations to prevent this from happening.
  • In multi-sim configurations (FSX + Prepar3D v1 + v2, or Prepar3D v1 + v2), Migration Tool redirects all other simulators to the active one. With Prepar3D v2 selected, both FSX and Prepar3D v1 addons are redirected to Prepar3D v2. This allows Prepar3D v1 compatible addons to be installed to Prepar3D v2.
  • Some 3rd party modules cause Prepar3D to crash during shutdown. Migration Tool automatically kills the simulator when this happens to avoid annoying dialogs.
  • Setup DialogThere is new initial setup dialog (pictured right) for easy setup of Migration Tool. It asks the location of different simulators, and carries out verification and repair tasks. This can also be triggered from Help > Repair simulators menu.
  • Extended backups has been added to Options dialog. Once checked, Migration Tool will start making full backups (all configuration files), not partial backups containing only files affected by the tool. A list of backupped files can be found in the manual.

Like all previous updates, this one is also free and available from Migration Tool’s product page.