Prepar3D v3.2

We have released Prepar3D v3.2-compatible Migration Tool. It also brings back fully functional Legacy Mode.

The core features of Migration Tool seem to be working well with Prepar3D v3.2, but it is still possible to run into surprises with more complex add-ons. Testing of all the usual suspects is expected to take until the end of this week.

Installer for the updated tool is available from its product page.


When we first released Migration Tool, we hoped to sell 100-150 copies of it. It was a tool developed for internal use that we thought perhaps to be useful to others, too. Contrary to expectations, it became a massive success, one of the top selling add-ons of recent times.

Flightsim Estonia is a tiny organization with only three people. We mostly do tailored solutions for training-grade simulator setups such as those seen in flight schools.

After the release of Prepar3D v3, Migration Tool saw another huge popularity bump and it started to strain our resources to the point where the quality of support began to decline.

It took a bit time, but we have finally split tailored services into a separate company so that Flightsim Estonia can focus more on Migration Tool and other software intended for the general public.

Over the next few days, this website will be temporarily down as we bring new features online. Among other things, we will open a new and better support forum, and publish a new, well-tested and very mature version of Migration Tool with user-friendlier activation engine. Long-time users will also notice new names among support staff.

Stay tuned.