Windows 8.1 support for Migration Tool

Migration ToolVersion 1.9.1 of Migration Tool is now available, and will be pushed through automatic updater within a few days.

What does it bring compared to the last major version?

  • Most notably, Migration Tool can now be used on Windows 8.1. In addition, it should be more stable on 64 bit versions of Windows 8.
  • Migration Tool was considerably altered to reduce false positives from anti-virus software. At the moment of writing this, the main program tests 100% clean with 48 anti-virus software. Its activation plugin is falsely marked positive by 5 anti-virus software, of them are worth mentioning F-Secure and BitDefender. Be sure to designate Migration Tool as trusted software if there are any technical difficulties using it.
  • Migration Tool’s user interface was redesigned to support DPI scaling. This means that Migration Tool remains usable with oversized text size, which is common with high-resolution monitors.
  • Legacy Mode does not trigger fallback to Basic Scheme on Windows 7 anymore.
  • Options dialog has been added. It allows to configure automatic backups and provides shortcuts to two free extras, SimAccess and Scheme Fix.
  • Migration Tool has new and better updater.
  • Manual was redesigned and Quick Start Guide added.
  • Migration Tool now stores its own, Windows’, FSX’s and Prepar3D’s version information on a remote server along with activation data – this is to provide faster support.
  • New activation wizard. It is now significantly easier to activate and re-activate Migration Tool. Simply enter the Activation Code from your receipt and that’s it – no passwords anymore.

As always, the latest version of Migration Tool is available from its product page.