Moving to a new flight simulator has never been so easy!

Main window of Migration Tool

Main window of Migration Tool

From the early days of flight simulation, each new simulator has meant the need to replace almost all addons with new ones, often at a high cost, and in many cases no upgrades have been available at all.

Migration Tool is a powerful program that helps you to install airplanes, airports and other content made for older flight simulators into the newer ones.

How does it work?

Migration Tool sets up your computer in a way that points old installers towards the simulator of your choice.

You can select Prepar3D as target and launch a scenery installer made for Flight Simulator X. With Migration Tool’s help, the scenery ends up in Prepar3D!

Purchasing options

Migration Tool costs 9,95 €. After purchase you will instantly receive an activation code that can be used on two computers at the same time.

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The usability of your desired content ultimately depends on how it was made. Airplanes, sceneries and other add-ons that follow best practices usually have no trouble with newer simulators, but content with clever workarounds or custom programming might not work. Aircraft with complex systems programming are most affected by differences between simulators, airports and general aviation aircraft are a mixed bunch, terrain sceneries rarely have issues.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit).
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator must be installed.
  • Flight Simulator X is not required, but may be installed.
  • Administrator privileges are required to install and use the tool.
  • Online activation is required.


Current generation

This is the new branch of Migration Tool intended mainly for Prepar3D v5, but can be used with v3 and v4, too.

Version – last updated 16 OCT 2020. Changelog.

Previous generation

The previous generation of Migration Tool supports all Prepar3D versions up to v4 (including). This branch is not developed anymore.

If installation or activation fails on obsolete operating systems such as Windows 7, enable “Use TLS 1.2” under Start > Internet Options > Advanced.

Version – last updated 25 JUN 2017.
Version – last updated 12 JUN 2017.
Version – last updated 10 AUG 2016.