Compatibility information


Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D have significant overlaps, which allows software developed for FSX to be used in Prepar3D. However, these two simulators are not identical and some software either needs to be run in special Legacy Mode (see manual for details), or doesn’t work with Prepar3D at all.

Tables below contain compatibility information that has been collected through support tickets and support forum and they are far from being complete. Please note that “Full compatibility” denotes that the addon installed into Prepar3D and succeeded to load without any glaring errors. It is possible that smaller errors like a certain autopilot function not working went unnoticed.

Compatibility information is organized into two sections, one for Prepar3D v2 generation (includes v2.1 update) and the other for Prepar3D v1, and on the assumption that Migration Tool is used.

Prepar3D v2

Captain Sim

Title Compatibility Remarks
707 Captain Full
737 Captain Full
757 Captain Partial Minor problems. See this thread
767 Captain Full
777 Captain Full Requires Legacy Mode. Prepar3D hotfixes must be installed
1011 Captain Full Requires Legacy Mode

PMDG Simulations

Title Compatibility Remarks
737NGX Varies 2D panels laggy (unusable). Many report red cross on PFD. Some have no problems. See this thread.
777 None Broken by developers to prevent use in Prepar3D


Title Compatibility Remarks
Aerosoft Anchorage X Full When prompted, install FSX version, otherwise the simulator will crash

Misc utilities

Title Compatibility Remarks
AivlaSoft EFB Full See forum thread
FSINN Partial Rebuilding aircraft repository requires Legacy Mode

Prepar3D v1

List of FSX addons that are verified not to work with Prepar3D:

  • Reality XP GNS 430W XP
  • Reality XP GNS 530W XP
  • Flight1 ATR-72
  • Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang (see forum thread)
  • Flight1 Beech 200
  • Ground Environment X
  • Instant Scenery
  • Instant Scenery 2
  • VRS Superbug
  • FS Passengers
  • Airport Enhancement Services
  • PMDG Boeing 777

These addons need to be run in Legacy Mode, which is a special kind of “let’s make Prepar3D look more like FSX” state Migration Tool creates:

  • PMDG Boeing 747
  • EZdok Active Camera*
  • Air Hauler

(* Only during configuration. Camera will work in regular Prepar3D too, but configuration utility won’t be available there.)

AivlaSoft EFB users – please read this topic in support forum if you experience crashing.