Flytrex FPV Decoder

FPV DecoderDJI Phantom series UAVs are extremely capable platforms for many aerial imaging uses, but since they are consumer products, they lack some key features needed for more advanced tasks. One of such shortcomings is the lack of flight data recorder.

Israeli company Flytrex offers an elegant solution to this problem – a lightweight data logger that records information broadcast by the GPS module, storing it on its own memory card. Their data logger requires the raw captured data to be uploaded to their website for decoding.

To overcome this limitation, we offer FPV Decoder.

Key features

  • Lightweight, single-file program (approx. 270 KB in size) that does not require installation.
  • Drag and drop FPV files onto the program to convert them to CSV and KML formats.
  • For advanced users, the decoder can also generate a metadata table for Agisoft PhotoScan, based on FPV flight log and creation date of input images.


Temporarily not available.